Welcoming Elke to our Teaching Staff:)
Elke Brecunier is a former level 10 competitive gymnast. She started
competing in 1986 at Monarchs Gymnastics in Agoura Hills at age 7.
After suffering a knee injury just before high school she decided to
quit competing and focus on her education. Throughout high school she
never really left the gym as she continued training to stay in shape and
learn to coach. In 1997 at age 17 she was coaching recreational
gymnastics at Imagymnation in Simi Valley. This was where she learned
how to really put the fun into gymnastics, however her passion was
always with the competition aspect of the sport. At age 19 she was back
at Monarchs Gymnastics where she became a team coach and stayed until
she was in her mid twenties. Throughout her coaching career she has
coached all ages and levels of gymnastics from recreational to high
level competitive gymnasts in the Conejo Valley. She also took time to
earn her associates degree in business management from Moorpark College.

Elke has had a long journey as a coach. After a break from coaching she
began again in 2009 in Simi Valley at California Dreams Gymnastics,
which is now Platinum Sports Center. Coaching became a hobby as she took
a break to start a family and be a stay at home mom. Her and her family
now own a small wedding business in Moorpark, The Walnut Grove, however
she has vowed to always continue her passion as a gymnastics coach. She
now coaches for the pure joy of sharing her knowledge and experience
with children of all ages.