Courtney Scarr started off as a competitive gymnast. Dance class was part of her gymnastic training, and, at the age of 13, she decided that dance was her true passion. Since making dance her main focus, Courtney went on to be a very successful competitor. As part of our own Pam Rossi’s Dance Ten Competition Team, she won multiple titles, including two national titles, Sr. Miss Energy and Sr. Miss Spotlight. Courtney has continued to dance and perform professionally, including music videos, print work and live performances such as the Grammys with Rhianna and has performed with Jacki Royals Dance Company. She has also added “award winning choreographer” to her resume. Her talents, enthusiasm and hard work have helped her become a respected teacher. Courtney performed and walked New Yorks Fashion week with Rhianna. Performed In Katy Perry’s latest video and she is the sole dancer performer in Ed Sheerans music video “Cross Me”