What level should my child be at this time?

Just some good information. Let the director and teacher evaluate your child. They will recommend a class that will let the student experience that level. Then the teacher and or director can see how they do in that particular class. If a teacher or director does not recommend an advanced level and recommends a level below, you should listen! It could be many things. One, that the student’s body cannot handle what is given in that particular class physically, mentally or emotionally. Many students may want to try much harder, more difficult moves that their body is not yet ready to handle, and that is what that class entails. If they aren’t doing the movement correctly, their body will have a tendency to get injured. It’s always hard to explain to a student and a parent that it’s better to take their time learning steps and proper technique. It’s not how fast you’re working, but that the student is applying the corrections and using proper technique to not have injuries. Remember, every child is physically, mentally and emotionally different. They don’t all learn at the same level, at the same time, at the same age.

Every student is special and different:)